We Support Coaching.

Coaching for managers and senior executives can play an important and subtle role in supporting them to improve their own performance, develop more productive relationships with their team members, and align their personal goals with that of the business.

A conversation with an objective ‘outsider’, who has no agenda other than to facilitate them to clarify their own thinking and objectives, can release significant amounts of energy, creativity, and intelligence – both intellectual and emotional.

These coaching conversations are very different in character and tone from a ‘typical’ 1:1 or progress meeting with one’s boss.  In our sessions, the coachee talks about what they want to discuss; we make no judgements; our mantra is “Ask, Don’t Tell”

Our Coaching Workshops will ensure your people develop these skills:


Rediscover their passion and motivation, and link these to their work


Use their own intelligence and creativity to resolve seemingly-intractable issues


Get more enjoyment and satisfaction from their job


Develop nourishing relationships with their boss, their peers and their team members – especially with those people they don’t naturally get on with


Face up to, and find resolutions to conflicts and difficult situations


Enhance their own presence, confidence, charisma, and communication skills

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